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NBC’s Greenblatt: Equal Drawbacks, Rewards with Live TV Events

November 7, 2014 · Posted in M&E Daily, M&E Exclusive · Comments Off 

By Chris Tribbey

Last year, NBC pulled in 18.5 million viewers for its live television special “The Sound of Music Live!” This year, the network is looking to top that, with the Dec. 4 airing of “Peter Pan Live!”

NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said that while the network was pleased with how “Sound of Music” went, they’ve taken what they learned from that experience, and applied it to their latest production.

“[‘Sound of Music’] worked because we hired the best who do Broadway musicals and we hired the best who do live TV,” he said Nov. 7, speaking at the inaugural Live TV: L.A. event.

One thing NBC is doing differently this year revolves around promotion of the event.

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