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M&E Journal: In Social Media, Context Counts

July 29, 2015 · Posted in M&E Daily, M&E Exclusive · Comments Off 

By Kameswara Rao Bh, Principal Architect, Digital Group, and J. David Garland, Associate VP of Consulting, Media & Entertainment, IGATE

Understanding consumer sentiment has long been the Holy Grail for both advertisers and content providers.

As the business shifts from being content-centric to consumer-centric, this need be-comes even more critical. The ability to quickly adapt content to conform to consumer tastes, change ads for greater effectiveness, and optimize expensive promo campaigns is now required to be competitive. In the past, information was limited to what could be inferred from polls and surveys. While helpful, small sample sizes and long turnaround times limited their accuracy and usefulness.

The explosion in popularity of smartphones, tablets and social media has created a new phenomenon called the “second screen” in the context of TV viewing. A second screen is a second electronic device used by television viewers before, during, or after they are actively watching programming. (The term also applies to screens other than television sets for viewing content, but that’s not the context we are using here.) Second screen applications are making television more interactive, and increasing engagement, viral influence, and ultimately, viewership.

They also provide an ideal platform for presenting targeted advertising as well as creating advertising tie-ins with the content. As we saw with, social media applications can cut two ways and must be carefully managed. Read more

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