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M&E Journal: Cloud Trek: The Next Generation

March 24, 2015 · Posted in M&E Daily, M&E Exclusive · Comments Off 

By Dr. Jay Yogeshwar, Dr. Shane Archiquette, and Ron Quartararo, Hitachi Data Systems

While media and entertainment companies have been considered slow to adopt the cloud, they are now beginning to embrace the cloud for a variety of business and media workflow applications. We must differentiate, however, the use of the cloud for media workflow versus business processes.

The former is the more daunting challenge given the need for those systems to be media aware, frame accurate, low latency and secure. At the same time, they must support more than five nines of reliability and integrate with disparate systems. As M&E organizations move toward cloud adoption for media workflows, they must look at how to stack sometimes-disparate (multivendor) processes to achieve seamless integration from one application to the next, and the ability to orchestrate these workflows remotely.

More sophisticated hybrid on-site and cloud workflow systems will be required to automate the flow of content, metadata and instructions from an application on-premise to another in private cloud A to yet another in public cloud B. Such systems are needed to take advantage of particular technical infrastructure advantages or cost differentiators.

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