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CPS Keynote: Traditional Security Measures ‘Aren’t Working’

November 25, 2015 · Posted in M&E Daily, M&E Exclusive · Comments Off on CPS Keynote: Traditional Security Measures ‘Aren’t Working’ 

By Chris Tribbey

It’s almost a no-win situation for content companies today: while the Internet is an essential tool for business, the second anyone opens up a browser they can expose the company to everything from malware to exploitive downloads, cyber security breaches that can bring even the biggest of studios to its knees.

True, the editing side of film and TV productions has become smarter, creating isolated production networks to move content around to those who need it. But with every new security wall content companies put in place, there are people quickly working to break it down, according to Brendan Spikes, founder and CEO of network security firm Spikes Security, and former CIO of SpaceX.

“Only the latest security innovations provide a glimmer of hope, by isolating browsers into temporary [virtual machines] off the endpoint, quarantined like a pestilence they are quickly becoming,” Spikes said. “Traditional antivirus has become irrelevant in today’s cyber security industry.”

Spikes will share his insights into the pitfalls of working online for content owners (and how to avoid them) during an afternoon keynote Dec. 2 at the sixth annual Content Protection Summit (CPS) at the Marina Del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles. Read more

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