A cornerstone to the value proposition of MESA is the strength of increased collaboration through Special Interest Groups and initiative based workgroups.  Members will use the latest technology to collaborate through virtual SIG meetings and conduct ongoing discussions about their panels/presentations at Alliance events.  The Special Interest Groups become resources for research, best practices, case scenarios and collaborative task force projects.

Special Interest Groups:

  • Replication and Packaging
  • Physical/Digital Supply Chain
  • Recycling/Sustainability
  • Disc-based Direct Mail
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Blu-ray Disc Features and Services
  • IT and Information Services
  • Content Security/IP Protection/Anti-Piracy

* each Special Interest Group holds online and in-person meetings, receives targeted news updates/exclusives and holds ongoing online workgroup discussions

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  • 2nd Screen Society

  • Content Protection

  • ITV Alliance

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